Asylum seeker children held in Villawood residential housing are having their lunch boxes and backpacks searched by guards on their way to and from school

Deported Tamils Brutally Tortured Rejected Tamil asylum seekers are not being returned to a safe environment in Sri Lanka, as Foreign Minister Bob Carr claims. A new report details the rape and torture that truly awaits them.

My experience as a nurse on Christmas Island changed the core of my being - Working with asylum seekers as a mental health nurse has transformed me and challenged my ethics, but I am proud to have shown compassion to people with unbearably tragic stories

Push vs. Pull – Asylum Seeker Numbers and Statistics

Asylum Seekers Living in the Community on Bridging Visas - Many asylum seekers bring with them skills and experience that are in short supply in Australia. A recent skills audit of a sample of work rights ineligible asylum seekers in Victoria found that 71% of those surveyed held qualifications or skills that matched those listed on the Skilled Occupations List for the General Skilled Migration Stream. The audit also revealed, qualified accountants, auto electricians, chefs, hairdressers and nurses as well as a number of other professions and trades that are listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). This is at a time when the government has increase the skilled migration intake by 20,000 in an attempt to address Australia's skill shortages.]

Australia and Xenophobia

It's soul-destroying: Former Nauru case worker

Refugee surgeon rises to top - 14 years ago Dr Munjed Al Muderis arrived wet and exhausted, hauled ashore by police as a refugee. He now works as a surgeon who fits amputees with radical robotic limbs.


ABC - PNG Asylum deal a bizarre overreaction

The Conversation - What life can a resettled refugee expect in PNG?

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Guardian - 'Illegals' – Australia's latest smear on refugees If refugees who arrive by boat are breaking the law, how come the minister for immigration is unable to tell us which one?

Abbott's new world order - Since Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison took office, workers in offshore detention centres say asylum seekers have never had it so bad

Four Corners - Trading Misery: Investigates the new methods employed by people smugglers to subvert the Government's policies on asylum seekers

Morrison's address to the detainees on Nauru, from local Nauruan TV

The High cost of Funding the Detention Industry

UN finds Australia guilty in 150 cases Australia has been found guilty of almost 150 violations of international law over the indefinite detention of 46 refugees in one of the most damning assessments of human rights in this country by a United Nations committee.

Scott Morrison Excuse Generator


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Myths and facts about asylum seekers and refugees

Destination anywhere? Factors affecting asylum seekers’ choice of destination country - Why do asylum seekers choose Australia?

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Boat arrivals in Australia since 1976

Australia vs. the World - Refugees and Asylum Seekers

New Matilda - Echoes of White Australia - an overview of immigration policy history in Australia

Australian crimes against humanity 268.12 Crime Against Humanity Imprisonment Or Other Severe Deprivation Of Physical Liberty. Australia's system of mandatory, indefinite detention appears to satisfy each of the elements of that crime.

New York Times - The impossible refugee boat lift to Christmas Island Undercover journalists publish firsthand account of asylum seeker journey to Australia

nickylovesrefugees blog - indepth informative blog on refugees and asylum seekers

Refugee Boat Arrivals - documenting arrivals since July 2013

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Why I chose to become a security officer on Manus Island

Asylum statistics March 2013 quarter (from 2011-2013, helpful numbers from the government to put behind discussions)

ASRC statistics page

457 skilled workers visa and other valid methods of country access

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The Refugee website with global refugee facts and statistics

The AIMN: The facts about ‘boat people’ – The government and media are lying