Greens 1 ALP 2Edit

Reasoning Edit

  • You get to vote for the party you want whether or not they have a chance of winning.
  • You get to preference ALP above the Liberals.
  • Greens get like $2.50 funding reimbursement for every vote they get (assuming they get >4% primary vote)? By preferencing the greens first, you're giving them greater punching power next election.
  • When the major parties see a significant vote to the Greens, they start looking at Greens policies more carefully, wondering if they can co-opt any of them to appease the voters and make themselves more attractive to them in future elections
  • A third voice may help improve the politics in this country to change for the better, so instead of shitty photo ops and dog whistling to the lowest common denominator we actually get a lively and effective debate about real issues that effect our nation

False Reasoning Edit

Voting 1 Greens 2 ALP will make the LNP win the election because you should have preferenced Labor first.

  • You can direct a "preference" if you will towards a party that most accurately represents you opinions regarding policy, and then, should they not be elected that "preference" can go to the party that next most represents you?
  • Yes, we get to have our cake, and eat Tony's tears too. (Also not have the Liberal party shit up the country for 4 years).

What practical effect does an increasing proportion of first preference votes have on Government policy? I ask because that 13 percent seems to have done fuck all for say, asylum seekers.

  • Would the carbon tax be a counter point to that?
  • A rising primary vote doesn't mean much without seats in the house. That statistic ignores the fact that greens voters are more likely to be located in certain areas, giving them a reasonable chance of eventually picking up more seats? Sure if you average it across the whole country it looks pretty dire.
  • Greens voters are reasonably spread out, I think. Compare their 12% of the vote for 1 seat to the Nationals 3% for 6 seats. Even compared to the Libs and the ALP, the Greens have by far the worst votes-to-seats ratio
  • In a political system that isn't completely bankrupt of logic and sanity, that 13% should influence policy in that the other major party can cater to their needs and thus swing preferences to the other side.

Greens above Australian Sex PartyEdit

Reasoning Edit

  • The only reason to vote Sex Party over the Greens is if you care about social progressivism but not about economic leftism (i.e. a libertarian)?

False Reasoning Edit

ASP preferences aren't guaranteed to go Greens, they sometimes skip straight to Labor

  • If you vote 1 ASP 2 Greens then they absolutely do. Preference deals only affect HTV cards and non-mandatory preferencing in Senate votes.
  • ASP how to vote cards and above the line senate votes aren't guaranteed to go Greens, however house and below the line votes are guaranteed to go however you filled them in.