Billion-dollar climate denial network exposed - An extensive study into the financial networks that support groups denying the science behind climate change and opposing political action has found a vast, secretive web of think tanks and industry associations, bankrolled by conservative billionaires.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency today announced it would partner with natural gas and electricity provider, Alinta, and the South Australian Government to undertake a $2.3 million study into solar thermal power generation at Port Augusta.

The great global warming subsidy: the truth about Australian corporate welfare


SMH - Carbon tax inflation fears evaporate

The Tasmanian Government has released a climate change strategy aimed at 100 percent renewable power usage by 2020.


Tony Abbott's climate policy is just a figleaf developed by deniers

Howard admits that the only book he had read on climate change was Lawson's An Appeal to Reason: a Cool Look at Global Warming, a book that has been attacked by climate experts

Is China showing us up on climate change action? With the Abbott government promising to repeal the carbon tax and the Liberals’ own Direct Action plan looking dicey, the Chinese government might be doing more to tackle greenhouse gas emissions than the Australian government.

Australia has squandered a “once in a century” mining boom, with the benefits flowing to a small group of wealthy people rather than funding critical infrastructure, according to a new report.

What Greg Hunt Really Thinks


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The Conversation - What firefighters say about climate change

Carbon pricing most cost-effective way to reduce carbon emissions, says OECD. Study finds cost of alternatives such as feed-in tariffs, industry regulation and subsidies can be ‘substantially higher’

Renewable energy now cheaper than new fossil fuels in Australia - Unsubsidised renewable energy is now cheaper than electricity from new-build coal- and gas-fired power stations in Australia, according to new analysis from research firm Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

[ In the latest report by the Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics concluded after “consultation” with various industry sectors – the cost of solar technologies has been revised downwards (in some cases by up to 30 per cent), in particular solar thermal with storage, while the costs of clean energy rival technologies such as carbon capture and storage and nuclear have been revised upwards.