This page seeks to draw comparisons between the Labour and Liberal parties. There is definitely no bias here. Nope.

General Edit

Liberal Party - Priority Areas


  • Too many onions
  • Moratorium on public infrastructure investment/funding
  • Forced fire-sale privatisation of essential public infrastructure and subsequent price rises
  • Criminalisation of collective bargaining rights
  • Another war or two.....or three. T-thanks America, but hey at least we're not flunking our responsibilities unlike NATO who are having to back-pay decades of delinquency to the United States.
  • Potato
  • Abbott needs to go home to the rabbits
  • Sorry Mate, Abbott's busy fixing your mistakes
  • Re-introduction of the White Australia Policy, crackdown on all non-white immigration, forced deportation of non-whites. This article contains unsourced statements. Unsourced statements may be challenged and have the contents removed.
  • Rapid rise in unemployment, rapid rise in numbers of citizens below the poverty line, reduced average life expectancyTemplate:Fact
  • Increased taxes for lower-class, reduced taxes for upper-class, overall less GDP balanced by reduced expenditure on public infrastructure and health. (This is actually a lie, the Abbott government reduced taxes on the poor by a large margin.)
  • Destruction of public health care, it's gone. That medicare card in your wallet, useless!
  • Criminalisation of abortion and euthanasia. It was all 100% legal before, trust me.
  • Introduction of anti-sodomy laws, anti-perversion laws, this is a very very bad thing!
  • Dissolution of the separation between church and state -- re-introduction of a Christian nation. This is 100% fact.

Labour Party - Priority areas:

  • [Redacted.]

Possibly useful information: The Liberal Party believes in a small government with lower taxes, less money for health and other services, and making things as easy as possible for both big and small businesses. The Liberal believes also that everyone should work hard to achieve the thing they want and then keep it. To strive for riches and then keep the riches, and you can’t achieve these riches then you’re out of luck, and its game over for you.

The Labour Party believes in higher taxes to pay for a larger public sector. The concept being to provide basic levels of health, education and other core services for everyone, regardless of how much money they earn. Labor are more open to asylum seekers and helping the poor, however at the same time taking a greater consideration for Australian’s in Australia. ("Australian's..." "Australian's". As you can tell, this page was written by someone fluent in the English language.)

The Liberal party favors those who are wealthy or are striving to become wealthy, which is you.

The Liberal's strive for independence and freedom, with little government control... an independent Australia

Labor is all about making sure everything is fair... much like the carebears

Bill Shorten looks like golem \//\

Economy Edit

In the lead-up to and aftermath of the last election, the Liberals scuttled all credibility they had for responsible economic management.

So, basically, the Liberals are dangerously incompetent at running the nation's finances. What has Labor been up to in the meanwhile? anyway.......l

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