Labor is wrong. It is the Greens who are mainstream

What you missed: an incredible federal budget outcome

Australia had just recorded the most contractionary year for fiscal policy ever seen, a different outcome to the 'budget emergency'

OECD Better Life Index

The Conversation: How strong is Australia's economy?

Labor's decision to sell off Queensland's electricity assets will continue to hurt average families who will now have to find about $200 a year to pay for power.


ABC - Why Abbott is scared to debate the economy

Abbott, not Gillard is the true class warrior Look at the policies: the Coalition wants to take from the poor and give to the rich.

ABC - Strikes, cars and deficits: Tony Abbott with Jon Faine

Crikey - Stimulating hypocrisy from Hockey: Joe’s changed tune With Treasurer-elect Joe Hockey considering fiscal stimulus, it’s time to revisit what he said about how pointless stimulus was four years ago in opposition.

More Facts Behind the Howard Government’s Debt Elimination To pay that $56 billion off, the Howard Government sold almost $72 billion of Government assets meaning the move to negative net debt was not really due to any miraculous and bold fiscal settings, but owed everything to a series of asset sales.

Economic reality mugs the Liberal economic agenda The downgrade of Western Australia’s credit rating illustrates how governments can’t merely talk about fiscal discipline, they need to show it.

Now we know where Swan's surplus went

Why isn't Abbott acting on the 'budget emergency'?

The new budget emergency: raise our debt ceiling People with knowledge on this issue realise that Australia’s gross government debt is tiny, and in fact is so small that Australia has had to get special dispensation from several of the post-global crisis new international banking regulations. These include the Basel III requirements for bank assets and capitalisation because there simply aren’t enough Australian government bonds on issue for the banks and others to hold.

Hockey to lift debt ceiling by 33% and the hypocrisy level to an all time high

Joe Hockey goes a step too far "Of course it takes two parties to be as stupid as US politics have become, but it is the Treasurer who has jumped right into the loony bin, raising a genuine question of whether he has abrogated his oath. Certainly he is not putting service of the people first."

The Coalitions Big Lie The Coalition's characterisation of Labor's economic management as "reckless" and "wasteful" is a big lie that is going to be hard to revise

To get the Australian budget on track, it's time to wind those tax cuts back We're going to hear a lot about the need for deep spending cuts to get the budget back in the black. But the real problem isn't on the spending side. It's unsustainable tax cuts

Abolish diesel entitlement to fix Budget? - In all the talk about tackling corporate welfare, tax concessions granted to Australian companies are yet to gain much attention from the Government, despite their significant cost to the Australian Budget.

Guardian article - Is Australia's government debt really as bad as Tony Abbott claims? Viewing debt as linked to GDP and government revenue shows we're in pretty good shape, despite the Coalition's claims

The Liberal 2013 Election Budget/Savings Document

The Economics of the Howard Government


Labor is wrong. It is the Greens who are mainstream


Saul Eslake - 50 years of housing failure Explains housing policy in Australia, including a detailed explanation on negative gearing

The $5 Billion Entitlement Joe Hockey Should End - Negative gearing, a tax concession on property that costs the Federal Government up to an estimated $5 billion a year, should end along with the age of entitlement

Grattan Institute 2013 Housing Report - recommendations basically boil down to dumping stamp duty for an annual property tax, increasing the minimum term for a tenancy agreement and restricting landlords' ability to terminate leases without cause. Winding back negative gearing and the capital gains discount would stop the artificial inflation of demand for investment properties and enable more people to buy their first home.

thisisseriouscom - Productivity? Trolling by Economists

Why the Henry Review wanted to scrap the GST While barrels of ink have been spilt analysing and reporting on the Henry Review, there remains one key undiscovered gem - its conclusion that the GST should be scrapped.

The most important graphs of 2013 - an Australian take on The Atlantic's piece: The Most Important Economic Stories of 2013 – in 44 graphs]

Red tape is preventing recovery - Neoliberal thinkers have attempted to take advantage of the downturn to push existing policies even further. One of the best examples is how ‘red tape’ has been blamed for delaying economic recovery. This article explains how the idea that regulation is the problem is simplistic, overstated, and misapplied]

Does Australia need another wages accord? - arguing that Australia needs another wages accord to bring labour costs down and improve Australia’s international competitiveness

Global gambling statistics 2013 - Biggest gamblers, loss per resident adult

Taking a punt on pokies policy - Donations to the major parties by Clubs NSW and the Australian Hotels Association