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Summary Edit

The booklet repackages announcements made by the Coalition over the past year and does not appear to contain any new policies. It lists 12 general policy priorities, including “a stronger, more productive and diverse economy with lower taxes”. It promises a Coalition government “will get the Budget back under control” and “help families get ahead by freeing them from the burdens of the carbon tax”.

Key word count: Edit

  • Business(es) - 95 (small business - 41)
  • Tax(es) - 91
  • Family/Familes - 39
  • Tony - 30
  • Carbon tax - 29
  • Labor - 26
  • Responsibly/responsive etc. - 23
  • Boat(s) - 21
  • Green - 13 (green tape - 6, Green Army - 5)
  • Emissions - 13
  • Waste - 11
  • Howard - 8
  • Mining tax - 8
  • Illegal - 7
  • Surplus(es) - 7
  • 'as soon as we responsibly can'/'as soon as possible' - 6 (i.e. never)
  • 'with tough and proven measures' - 3
  • Julia - 1

The Coalition's top policy priorities Edit

  1. A stronger, more productive and diverse economy with lower taxes
  2. To get the budget under control, cut waste and start reducing debt
  3. Freeing families from the burdens of the carbon tax
  4. Helping small businesses grow and create more jobs
  5. Creating stronger jobs growth by building a diverse, world-class 5-Pillar economy
  6. Generating one million jobs over the next five years
  7. Building more modern infrastructure to get things moving
  8. Delivering better services including health services
  9. Delivering better education
  10. Taking direct action to reduce carbon emissions inside Australia, not overseas
  11. Delivering stronger borders
  12. Delivering strong and stable government that restores accountability

List of policies explicitly outlined in document Edit

  • acting immediately to abolish the carbon tax
  • abolishing the mining tax
  • immediately establishing a Commission of Audit to identify savings and efficiencies in all areas of government
  • reducing the size of the Commonwealth payroll, with a focus on natural attrition, to bring it closer to its size at the close of the Howard Government
  • taking direct action to reduce carbon emissions through the Coalition's Direct Action Plan - committing to a five percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020
  • establishing a Productivity Priorities Working Group to consult with business and community stakeholders on the implementation of our 'Better Productivity Plan'
  • The Coalition’s Paid Parental Leave scheme is based on a mother’s real wage for six months, rather than a minimum wage. According to the Productivity Commission’s report into parental leave, Australia is one of only two countries where parental leave isn’t based on the mother’s actual wage. We won’t force small business to do the paperwork for it.
  • We will introduce a new Job Commitment Bonus for long-term employees who get a job and remain off welfare for 12 months and a further bonus if they remain off welfare for 24 months
  • We will introduce a new Jobseeker Relocation Bonus for young job seekers who move to take a job
  • We will make work-for-the-dole mandatory for all long-term unemployed welfare beneficiaries under 50 years of age and tighten work-for-the-dole requirements
  • We will start suspending dole payments for people under 30 years of age in areas where unskilled work is readily available
  • We will adopt a smarter approach to the disability pension that distinguishes between disabilities that are likely to be permanent and those that are not, which will help to prevent older unemployed people being parked on welfare
  • We will cut government red tape costs on businesses and community groups by $1 billion a year
  • Every year, there will be a Deregulation Report tabled in the parliament and two sitting days will be dedicated to the repeal of redundant legislation and review of regulations
  • We will fully restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) so that there will be less union militancy
  • We will establish a Registered Organisations Commission to overcome the inadequacies revealed by Fair Work Australia’s investigation into the Health Services Union
  • We will achieve better engagement with Asia through this new two-way ‘Colombo Plan’ which sends our future leaders to Asian universities as well as bringing their future leaders here through a scholarship programme. By fostering these relationships we will develop the important people-to-people links and the leadership relationships of the future as was previously done under Sir Robert Menzies’ ‘Colombo Plan’
  • We will aim to have 40 per cent of high school students studying a foreign language, preferably an Asian language, in year 12 within a decade
  • We will get businesses growing by cutting red tape costs to business by $1 billion each year
  • We will allow small business to send one payment directly to the Australian Taxation Office for superannuation and then the Australian Taxation Office will do the rest, if that’s what small business would prefer
  • We will achieve an annual growth rate in the numbers of small businesses of 1.5 per cent – the same rate the Howard Government was achieving. We will then be adding more than 30,000 new small businesses each year. That’s double the rate achieved under the current government.
  • We will establish a new Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council to advise the Executive Government on developing the economy. The Business Advisory Council will be chaired by leading Australian business leader Mr Maurice Newman AC and meet three times a year.
  • We will require all Commonwealth-funded projects worth more than $100 million to undergo a cost-benefit analysis by Infrastructure Australia to ensure the best use of available taxpayer monies
  • We will contribute $1.5 billion to get the M4 East (WestConnex Project) underway in Sydney to complete the east-west corridor
  • We will contribute $1.5 billion to get the East-West Link road tunnel underway in Melbourne to link the Eastern Freeway and Western Ring Road and we will further improve the Geelong Princes Highway.
  • We will contribute $1 billion towards the upgrade of the Gateway Motorway in Brisbane and we will develop the Toowoomba Range crossing.
  • We will contribute $400 million and get the duplication of the Midland Highway between Hobart and Launceston done in Tasmania.
  • We will contribute $5.6 billion to complete the duplication of the Pacific Highway from Newcastle to the Queensland border.
  • We will support our veterans by properly indexing the Defence Force Retirement Benefits and Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefit military superannuation pensions and we will deliver this in our first Budget
  • We will provide $35 million to help find a cure for type 1 diabetes
  • We will continue the National School Chaplaincy Programme in Schools to support the emotional wellbeing of students
  • We will make sure that Australia’s refugee and humanitarian resettlement programme provides places to those most in need. We will ensure a minimum of 1,000 places are available for women at risk and their dependents and appropriate settlement services are available once they arrive in Australia.
  • We will provide $10 million support to assist surf life saving clubs buy needed equipment and to tackle drowning black-spots
  • We will provide $10 million to fund four trial sites to train 1,000 indigenous people for guaranteed jobs, working with the Australian Employment Covenant and Generation One.
  • We will establish an Emissions Reduction Fund of $3 billion to allocate money in response to emission reduction tenders to projects designed to reduce carbon emissions
  • We will restore responsible defence spending to 3 per cent real growth per year subject to improvements in the Budget – our aspiration is to restore funding to defence to the same level as it was under the last seven years of the Howard Government