Tony Abbott reading the Liberal Party Policy document

Literacy rates in Australia are around 99% amongst all adults. It is therefore unusual that the Leader of the Opposition continually fails to demonstrate the ability to read various documents related to various topics in Australian Politics.

The following is a growing list of documents that Tony Abbott has yet to read, but has made comment on.


'Rudd is on the outer, says Abbott' - Herald Sun

Willing to comment on a colleague's performance on a show that he did not watch

Today Show 24/8/12 - Slater and Gordon Scandal

Believes the PM has questions to answer regarding the Slater and Gordon scandal, yet did not watch the press conference or read the transcript


Lateline 24/8/12 - Climate Change

Opposed the expansion of marine parks on the basis that it had not been 'properly, scientifically justified', yet the Environment Minister displays the handful of books that the proposals had been based on

Lateline 19/11/09 - Climate Change

Criticises climate change while stating that he is 'as well versed on these matters as your average politician needs to be' and when asked if he had read a book by climate change sceptic Ian Plimer, confesses that he is 'probably more familiar with the book through people who've written about it than I am through having read it myself', yet quotes it from time to time

7:30 Report - 22/8/12 - Climate Change

Assigns the reason for BHPs shelving of projects solely on the carbon tax, which is not mentioned in the company's statement, a document that he did not read

The Guardian - Tony Abbott defends George Pell after criticism from child abuse inquiry - 14/11/13

Tony Abbott was asked to comment on a report that followed an inquiry in Victoria, which was highly critical of Pell, his attitudes to the problems evidenced in comments before the inquiry and the institutional failures of the Catholic church in stopping child abuse. "As is pretty well known, I have a lot of time for George Pell..." “He is in my judgment a fine human being, a great churchman." Abbott said he was yet to read the Victorian report, issued on Wednesday, and did not see Cardinal Pell’s evidence to the inquiry.

Liberal colleaguesEdit

Nine News 17/8/12 - SA Liberal Leader

As the South Australian and Federal Liberal leaders stood side by side at a press conference, Mr Abbott appeared unclear about her policies. The conference was then abruptly cut short.