j.r. hennessy | graveyard of media + culture: Great blog, on a fucking roll with the special on 'Australian Media Hacks'. From our resident Trillard: [Julia Trillard.

FINE[ANIMALGORILLA]: Great blog, commentary on politics and other pieces by comedic ape suit wearing swine Pig in the City. That'll do pig, that'll do.

Here is the Narrative: A fantastic fucking read if I do say so myself. And I do. Collaborative effort primarily from TOML, freezepeach, Small Keating and others!

The Outpoast: Blog by our resident legal eagle Joni Tones, Those On My Left.

This is Serious:blog on the productivity swindle by former shit avatar owner Cartoon.

Crikey !: Was not on the list because I'm sure everyone know's of it but duck monster pointed out that it was stupid not to included it so now it's here are you happy look now you've upset your brother!

An Onymous Lefty: Left leaning, Victoria-centric blog by Jeremy Sear, Victorian barrister and Crikey contributor (the guy behind Pure Poison)

Caen's Corner: "Some not-so-brief thoughts by a Melbourne lawyer with an interest in criminal law and associated fields". Much more law than politics, but often plainly written and relevant.

Club Troppo: "Fearlessly dispensing political, legal and economic analysis (and some whimsy) since 2002". Left-leaning Aus politics blog. Usually exceptionally well written, and has multiple contributors.

The Conscience Vote: Left-leaning political commentary that I almost always agree with and fervently wish would get published in the place of Michelle Grattan's bile.

The Conversation: "The Conversation is an independent source of information, analysis and commentary from the university and research sector written by acknowledged experts and delivered directly to the public. Our team of professional editors work with more than 2,800 academic authors to make this wealth of knowledge and expertise accessible to all." i.e. Actual information, before it gets fucked sideways by hack journalists.

The Failed Estate: "Rejuvenating Journalism in a Jaded Age" Australian media is fucking terrible, so here is some commentary on it. Those comments are Mr Denmore, who "was a journalist for 26 years. He has worked in radio, television, newspapers and online media. He now works in the corporate sector."

Grog's Gamut: Aus politics commentary (with an economic bent) by Greg Jericho. Well written, well referenced. This guy was blogging during the 2010 federal election, pointing out how shit the media is, while being a public servant. He was outed by The Australian for calling them on their shit.

Heathen Scripture: Exceptionally good satirical political commentary, which is unfortunately updated very rarely.

John Quiggin: "Commentary on Australian & world events from a social-democratic perspective" by a Professor of Economics.

Larvatus Prodeo: Has come out of hibernation for the election season

Law Geek Down Under: Fairly straight-laced Australian legal news.

New Matilda: Very professional and well written news/politics/current affairs site. One of the better independent sources of Australian news.

News With Nipples: Somewhat casual/hobbyist Australian media/political blogging from a feminist perspective.

The Political Sword: In-depth and substantive politics and policy analysis.

Politically Homeless: Well written political commentary from Andrew Elder, former member of the Liberal Party, "starting off as a libertarian-punk, then as a moderate seeking to preserve rights and freedoms in a changing world; now he scorns the know-nothing Liberals, doesn't trust the left and disdains the other interest groups that flit around Australian politics".

Something Wonky: Dave and Jeremy's new Australian political+media+culture blog/podcast.

Pure Poison: Crikey's "look at the stupid shit the Australian media is doing" blog. Been replaced by Something Wonky above, but all of the blog is still viewable

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies: A fairly legalistic Australian law blog, with some interesting analysis from time to time.

We Are All Dead: Matt Cowgill, who does economic analysis for the ACTU, posts political and economic stuff. Specialises in debunking trending Liberal talking points.

Wixxyleaks: Wixxy, claims no interest nor relation to Julian Assange. Mostly politics and other good insights. Good investigative piece regarding the Slipper and Thomson affair.

Left Flank: Commentary/analysis from a Marxist perspective.

Overland literary journal: An literary journal. Jeff Sparrow is the editor.

The Piping Shrike: Political blog. It's usually a good read.

Independent Australia: IA is a progressive journal focusing on politics,democracy, the environment, Australian history and Australian identity. IA supports quality investigative journalism as well as citizen journalism and a diversity of voices. It believes Australians are short-changed by the mass media and and so it dedicates itself to seeking out the truth and informing the public.

Reasonable Grounds: News in criminal justice, politics and human rights.

A Baffling Ordeal: Amusing blog on current events.

Preston Institute: Some dudes take on stuff.

North Coast Voices: MonsterUnderYourBed told me to put this in the OP so I Did.

Ethical Martini: duck monster wanted this in the OP even though he obviously doesn't read them. Shaken, not stirred.

The Global Mail: Excellent general independent journalism site, often has some good in-depth articles on political subjects not found elsewhere (think articles the majors won't publish because it doesn't fit their narrative).

The King's Tribune: Local independent journalism, several Aussie bloggers regularly contribute.