Leaked NBN Co Report


More evidence that Turnbull can’t deliver on 25Mbps minimum

Alan Kohler - The NBN board has run away. Why?

Executive summary: - The LNP government is allowing competition in the fibre optic internet market

- Competitors are going to take all the profitable areas (cities, esp. high-rises) leaving NBNCo to service the unprofitable rural areas

- Since the NBN was designed as a monopoly that would allow rural areas to have the same quality of service as the city (even if it means city users pay slightly more to subsidise this), this has the effect of dooming the NBN to unprofitability as well as screwing over rural users.

- The crew are heading for the lifeboats.

NBN Co board refuses to drink the poisoned chalice - It’s no surprise the entire NBN Co board has resigned. The Coalition doesn’t want NBN Co to succeed, and the technological and political challenge ahead is mighty.

List of revised rollout sites

The Rise and Fall of Australia’s $44 Billion Broadband Project: Why Australia decided to abort an ambitious fiber-to-the-home plan

Senate Committee Meeting November 2013


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